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Chiropractic care emphasizes the idea that the cause of many disease processes begins with the body's inability to adapt to its environment. Chiropractic looks to address these illnesses not through the use of drugs and chemicals, but rather through the use of carefully controlled and directed pressure in order to restore spinal bones and joints to their normal function, motion and position. This procedure is known as a Chiropractic Adjustment.

Freedom Chiropractic can direct bill to Great-West Life, Blue Cross, Green Shield and Sun Life.

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A Word on Backpacks

Choose a backpack that is proportionate to the body size and not larger than what is needed. The shoulder straps should be 2 inches wide, adjustable and padded. The backpacks should never exceed 15% of a secondary school child's weight, or 10% of an elementary school child. Ensure the weight is evenly distributed in the backpack, pack the heaviest items closest to the body as this reduces the strain on the back and don't overload the backpack. Wear both straps and adjust them so the pack fits snugly to the body.