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Mechanical Treatment

Mechanical Treatment for Pain and Discomfort in Calgary

If you live with a painful back or neck injury, you shouldn’t suffer in silence, as this could lead to a reduced quality of life. Instead, you should turn to Freedom Chiropractic & Massage in Calgary. Our qualified chiropractors might recommend a mechanical treatment to support your rehabilitation. It works by stretching your muscles and using a machine to separate your neck or back joints.

Mechanical therapy could help alleviate pain or discomfort affecting your mobility and quality of life. It is, therefore, essential to give the treatment option some serious consideration if you are living with back or neck pain. While it can provide pain relief for most people, it is important to know that mechanical treatment isn’t right for every patient. A physician will review your symptoms and medical history before making a decision. Contact us to ask us anything or make an appointment today.

Start Mechanical Treatment Today!

This treatment will reduce pain and help you get back your strength.

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